Are we running out of time? 

After so much reading, I see that God does not repeat Himself in revelations. If God goes into great detail with Sister Josefa Menendez about His crucifixion, He will not repeat the same information to any other saint in human history. If He talks about Gethsemane with Saint Emmerich, He would not divulge Gethsemane again to any other saint. If He describes his body on the Cross to Norwich or describes His divinity to Saint Mechtilde, no other saint in history would get the same details. Saint Faustina describes hell. Saint Teresa of Avila, His Mansions in His Heart. Mary's life through the Venerable Mary of Agreda.

When we compare the hundreds of messages from Jesus around 2010 in the book "In Sinu Jesu", to the hundreds of messages God gave to Saint Bridget of Sweden around 1360, we see that God is not repeating Himself! Similar topics, complementing each other in His wisdom but not repeating. Affirming God's presence in them. Saints' visions may be skewed, as they are descriptions from the eye and heart of the beholder, but when Jesus talks, God talks, period.

Book: In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart - The Journal of a Priest at Prayer by A Benedictine Monk

Book: The Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden: Volume 1, Volume2, Volume3, Volume 4 by Saint Bridget (Author)

People have said to me, "I only need the Bible!" falling into their own interpretations and denominations. May Mother Mary guide them!

My concern is that we now know so much about Mary's life, Jesus' life, crucifixion, His heart and divinity, hell, and our creation. Even though God is infinite, our view of God is always limited; and we are basically running out of topics on which God can go into more detail; from a human perspective. According to Blessed Emmerich and the Book of Revelation**, there is a "quota" of saints to be filled in heaven to replace fallen angels; presently, nun and priest enrolment is at an all-time low. Given our anti-religious rhetoric, we may believe the world will last a thousand years... but it would not surprise me if human history is cut short. All the information is there, we keep ignoring it, and instead of being more religious, we are choosing the opposite. 25% of Catholics go to church every Sunday, of those, only 63% believe in the Eucharist as the true body and blood of Christ, and that is only 3% of the world population!

Later, my suspicion got confirmed by the Old Testament, Job 33:14 (Douay-Rheims), "God speaketh once, and repeateth, not the selfsame thing the second time."

Do not expect things to improve. We are going through an apostasy of the Church, fueled by anti-religious sentiments from most governments,

At a rate of 4 hours/day, it would take an average person 4 years to read the 100+ religious books listed on this website. As we learn more, we become more aware of wrongdoing; resistance from friends and family is to be expected; applying it to our own lives is an uphill battle.Rest on Jesus on that long and lonely road, for "His yoke is easy and His burden is light". It's even harder as churches are closing down fast, 

And the remaining Roman Catholic churches that are open are closed most of the time, except at Mass, because of a low presence. An uphill battle indeed. The average person would say, "They deserve it! For it's all their doing! " After reading 100+ books, my thought is: "Poor souls that pass away receiving no church sacraments!" As I pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament, it's just heartbreaking, very sorrowful.

** "and they are not so obscure as the words in the Apocalypse which I[Jesus] revealed to John in an obscure way in order that they would be interpreted by my Spirit at the time that pleased me." (St. Bridget, Vol 1, 1360)

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