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I have two university degrees from Canada but no religious education. Anti-Christian sites are many these days. Their artifice to explain their godless beliefs is clever and subtly flawed, and unsuspecting souls reading these sites are at risk. I must say that during my lifetime I know of two people who had apparitions, one by an angel and the other by a Christian saint. Personally, a few years ago, I was reading and praying. I turned on the TV, and an action movie was showing. For a few seconds, I was made to feel how a clean spirit would feel, and a deep aversion came over me while watching somebody shoot a gun. If a make-believe action causes indescribable repulsion, I could not even fathom my sins before God. Since then, I've been a consistent churchgoer, preferring to sit in the last pew and skip the Eucharist for fear of offending Jesus. But I was rebuked after three hours of silent prayer by an exactingly stern, outwardly ominous, but interior voice: "Unless you take the bread, you have no part with me." I am glad there is hope. I am now able to revise my life and make adjustments with a stronger faith. Everything I write is from books and research, put together with average logic; I am not a teacher and far from holy. Do I trust myself? Not at all. This website is for you. I have already read these books, giving you a glimpse of more than 150 religious books. I am most grateful to Jesus for showing me the way. Also, if you find that your church priest is not interested in your life, switch to another parish. You need to be able to talk about your issues and how to start solving them. I've had no human help on this journey except from saint books and confessional directives by priests. So, I wrote to Pope Francis in my native tongue, the only living saint that I know, given our common Buenos Aires upbringing, to personally thank him with filial love for his incidental help in personal matters. The Pope replied and said: "Preserve your purpose of Christian life and continue transmitting the joy of the gospel to those around you; pray for me and for the fruits of my service to the Church," and he heartily imparted the implored Apostolic Blessing to my family. God bless Pope Francis!

 I'll continue my reading in silence.

This website is dedicated to Mary with the hope of increasing devotion to Our Lady's Seven Sorrows. Her Magnificat in the choir below, the most beautiful music when praying her Rosary. As of today, only less than one-third of the world's population is Christian, her intercession available to them.

Let's hope by praying to our Father, our Lord Jesus, and Mother Mary. These prayers were made in heaven for our little Josefa!

To our Father,

O most loving Father! God, infinitely good, look upon Your Son Jesus Christ, who placing Himself between Your divine justice and sinners implores Your pardon. O God of Mercy, pity human frailty. Send Your light upon wandering souls that they may not be seduced and entrapped. Strengthen souls that they may avoid the snares laid for them by the enemy of their salvation, and with fresh fervor return once more to the paths of virtue. O Eternal Father, look on the sufferings which Jesus Christ Your divine Son endured in His Passion. Behold Him as a victim offered up to obtain for souls, light and vigor, pardon, and mercy.

To our Lord Jesus,

O sweet and dearly loved Jesus, were You not my Saviour, I should not dare to come to You. Your Heart loves me with the most tender and burning love, as no other Heart can love. How could I correspond this love of Yours for me? Would I had for You, who are my only love, all the ardor of the Seraphim, the purity of the angels and virgins, the holiness of the Blessed who possess You and glorify You in Heaven. Were I able to offer You all this, it would still be too little to honor Your goodness and mercy. That is why I offer You my poor heart such as it is, with all its miseries, its weakness, and good desires. Deign to purify it in the blood of Your Heart, to transform and inflame it Yourself with an ardent and pure love. Thus, the poor creature that I am, who can do no good but is capable of every evil, will love and glorify You as do the Seraphim who in Heaven are consumed with adoring love. Lastly, I ask of You, O gentle Jesus, to give my heart the very sanctity of Your Heart, or rather to plunge it in Your Divine Heart, that in It I may love and serve, and glorify You, and lose myself in You for all eternity. I beg this same grace for all those whom I love. May they render You for me the glory and honor of which my sins have deprived You. O my Beloved, who are also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for You.

To our Mother Mary,

O tender and loving Mother, most prudent Virgin, Mother of my Redeemer, I come to salute you today with all the love that a child can feel for its mother. Yes, I am indeed your child, and because I am so helpless I will take the fervor of the Heart of your Divine Son; with Him I will salute you as the purest of creatures, for you were framed according to the wishes and desires of the thrice-holy God. Conceived without sin, exempt from all corruption, you were ever faithful to the impulses of grace, and so your soul accumulated such merit that it was raised above all other creatures. Chosen to be the Mother of Jesus Christ, you kept Him as in a most pure sanctuary, and He who came to give life to souls, Himself took life from you, and received nourishment from you. O incomparable Virgin! Immaculate Virgin! Delight of the Blessed Trinity, admiration of all angels and saints, you are the joy of Heaven. Morning Star, Rose blossoming in springtime, Immaculate Lily, tall and graceful Iris, sweet-smelling Violet. Garden enclosed kept for the delight of the King of Heaven ... you are my Mother, Virgin most prudent, Ark most precious containing every virtue! you are my Mother, most powerful Virgin, Virgin clement and faithful! you are my Mother, O Refuge of sinners! I salute you and rejoice at the sight of the gifts bestowed on you by the Almighty, and of the prerogatives with which He has crowned you! Be blessed and praised, Mother of my Redeemer, Mother of poor sinners! Have pity on us and cover us with your motherly protection. I salute you in the name of all men, of all saints and all angels. Would that I could love you with the love and fire of the Seraphim, and this is too little to satisfy my desires ... and to render you filial homage constant and pure for all eternity. O incomparable Virgin, bless me since I am your child. Bless all men! Protect them and pray for them to Him who is almighty and can refuse you nothing. Adieu, tender and sweet Mother; day and night I salute you, in time and for eternity.


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